September 12, 2013

Topix at the White House: Innovating to Improve Disaster Response and Recovery

by sara at 12:44 PM

Recently Topix CEO Chris Tolles and Director of Business Development Schuyler Hudak were invited to the White House to attend a technology summit on Federal Disaster Response, with Todd Park, US Chief Technology Officer, and Craig Fugate, FEMA Administrator.

The goal of the event was to lay the foundation and establish commitments from participants to integrate before, during, and after disasters. FEMA has made it a priority to build partnerships with communities, industry, and innovators from all sectors to aide in improving disaster response on the federal level. Their work was evident for Hurricane Sandy and the Oklahoma Tornado survivors.

Over 80 innovators from the tech, art, public, non-profit, and private sector communities gathered to think about ways to improve the disaster survivor experience. These thought leaders brainstormed several innovative solutions to address these challenges.

Topix CEO Chris Tolles called our engineering team back in Palo Alto and had them put together a news feed tailored specifically for news about a given disaster. The feed went live before the meeting was over and you can find it here on the White House website!

At Topix we care about community. When disaster strikes, it requires a community coming together to respond collectively. We have started thinking about how we can leverage our communities across the country to respond more effectively to disasters. Above all, we hope that our users will find innovative ways to leverage the tools Topix puts in your hands to come together as a community. 

Today's Politix blog post comes from Schuyler Hudak, Director of Business Development for Politix and Topix.

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