June 25, 2013

Politix Celebrates Innovation and Civic Engagement

by sara at 12:51 PM

Politix had the pleasure of hosting an event at The Newseum in Washington DC that aimed to bring political operatives, public servants and press together with the tech and innovation community. The goal was to encourage more collaboration from the different sectors in creating new and channels for civic engagement.

This event brought together partners like CausesTechNetPopVoxRyotTRAIL, and BlastRoots. All of these companies and organizations are working to use technology to make civic engagement more user-friendly and make a difference in our world. Our event was a great way to promote more dialogue between DC politicos and Silicon Valley innovators.

At Politix, we believe in partnerships. Right now there are startups in Silicon Valley that want to increase civic engagement. Simultaneously, there are lawmakers that want better tools to more efficiently serve their constituents. We believe that tech can be used to increase conversation and engagement about our political world, so we launched our product a little over a year ago to do just that. This event was a great way to introduce Politix to an even larger audience.

The event was a huge success with over 300 people attending. But the real success was getting Washington DC folks and people from the tech sector who are trying to make the world a better place talking and forging working relationships. 

Today's Politix blog post comes from Schuyler Hudak, Director of Business Development for Politix and Topix.