May 23, 2012

Introducing Politix

by tolles at 11:15 AM


I want to thank you for participating on Topix, and helping make us the largest local forum site and the best local news aggregator in the US. The issues and candidates around election time are always the biggest conversations on Topix, from the Presidential campaign down to the local city council races. So, we built a place where your views on the issues that matter to all of us can take center stage.

We're excited to be launching Politix at, where you can take a stand on the issues you care about, especially those around the 2012 election. Politix isn't about just reading the news, but about inspiring citizens to engage with politics by interacting with the news.

In this important election year, we provide you with a central place to share and express your political opinions online. Check out Politix today, and download our new iPhone app.

To celebrate our launch, we are giving away over $1000 in prizes just for participating.

We need your help to make Politix interesting! Your voice matters. Come join the conversation.

Thank you,
Chris Tolles
CEO Topix