December 21, 2011

Topix Forum Helps Educate Locals On Proposed School Merger

by jonathan at 2:10 PM

We are always happy to see people using Topix to discuss what matters most to them, especially when it involves civic issues and encourages people to become more involved in the democratic process.

Case in point, a Topix thread is giving the citizens of Herkimer, NY a forum to discuss a controversial school merger proposal. Though the school board has put forth great effort to hold town hall meetings and information sessions to raise awareness of the pending vote, the citizens of Herkimer have carried the debate online where everyone in town has equal chance to voice their opinion.

Though part of a larger grassroots effort involving Facebook groups and personal websites, the Topix thread serves as a prime example of how administrations as well as individuals can make use of local forums to educate and forward debate on a number of relevant issues.

For more information please read this article from the Herkimer Telegram:

Internet Plays Role As Residents Debate School Merger
Visit the Herkimer, NY forums