December 10, 2010

Is That A Post In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Happy To Be On Topix?

by jonathan at 2:56 PM

Countless times we have heard from our users how they would love to leave their houses but are afraid they might miss something happening in their favorite forum.  Now our intrepid devotees can once again take a walk around the block without losing the ability to converse virtually with their friends and neighbors (yes we can appreciate the irony.)

Announcing the release of a brand new Topix iPhone app.

iphone app multiscreen.png

All the great features from are right there in the app. Quickly and easily log into the Topix forums, read and reply to threads, or start your own. Participate in local threads or check out the most popular discussions from over 360,000 forums available on Topix.  The app will even notify you if someone replies to one of your posts. So you will never miss a thing.

The Topix iPhone app is available in the App Store now. Grab it here and take your talk on the road.