October 20, 2010

Topix Election Polls Have People Talking

by jonathan at 2:33 PM

Our Election 2010 Citizen Sound-Off campaign has people buzzing.  So far over 115,000 votes have been cast in our polls for various races across the country. Even better, our users have started nearly 2500 individual threads to discuss their political views and talk about the issues on their minds.

Some of the most hotly debated races include the Kentucky Senate seat between Rand Paul and Jack Conway, the West Virginia Senate race where Joe Manchin and John Raese are running neck and neck, and the California Governor race where Chelene Nightingale, of the American Independent Party, has nearly double the votes of Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman proving that you don't have to spend tons of cash for votes when you have a good following on Facebook. (Take note Meg)

chelene facebook 2.png

The elections are about two weeks away but that shouldn't stop anyone from expressing their political opinions right now.  Jump into the Citizen Sound-Off now and get in on the conversation.