October 13, 2010

Topix Citizens Sound-off On The Midterm Elections

by jonathan at 9:47 AM

As we move closer to the November 2nd elections media outlets are likely to inundate their audience with information regarding the partisan push and pull of the Federal Congressional tides. They might even keep them up to date on the more contentious Gubernatorial races. But where will one go to get the lowdown on the elections that will hit closest to home?  Topix is the best bet.




The Election 2010 Citizen Sound-Off campaign gives Topix users a chance to share their views on the political issues that matter most to them. They are able to vote in polls, comment on candidates, and participate in civic-minded discussions in our forums. Whether it be Federal, State, County, or Municipal each race and ballot measure is open for debate.

handwritten fax.png

A lot of this info was not previously available on the net. In fact, some of it could only be obtained through obscure hand-written faxes. But we persevered. At launch we have coverage for more than 13,000 races and information on over 31,000 candidates and ballot measures. And if we don't currently have a local race that is of particular interest, it can always be submitted directly into our database.


Not only does this give voters a venue to socialize their political opinions but it also provides candidates a means of directly assessing feedback from their constituents. And media outlets can make use of these "ground level" viewpoints to show the unfiltered political temperament of the populace.


No race is too small and no issue too insignificant. If there is a political opinion to be expressed you can bet that someone on Topix is expressing it.


Jump to our elections page and start sounding off now.

UPDATE (by tolles)

We've gotten some interesting coverage on this from Venturebeat, who looked at the political advertising angle, and the Christian Science Monitor, who took us to task over our statistical relevance (and to that point, I would say that it will vary quite a bit from poll to poll. Obviously, more interesting things happen after you have achieved a threshold of participation)