October 29, 2010

Fear The Beard...or Don't

by jonathan at 1:05 PM

At first glance one might think that the abundance of orange and black being worn around the Topix office could be a sign that Halloween is just around the corner. But closer inspection reveals that we have all caught Giants fever. 

However, not everyone around the country feels the same way. So we have put up a fan map that lets our users weigh in on who they want to win the World Series.

world series issue map.png

In spite of the whomping that the Giants dealt in the first two games it looks like the majority of the country is still pulling for the Rangers.  Keep an eye on the fan map to see if the tide changes as the series progresses.

And if baseball isn't of interest (cough...NBA, NFL, NHL) keep in mind that Topix has sports news and forums that cover every game, league and roster. National, international, and local  sports fans should have no trouble keeping up with all their favorite teams.