May 29, 2009

Best Press Release Ever

by amy at 2:14 PM

Here at Topix, we receive a lot of press releases. Since we post our news by aggregation or volunteer editors, these releases usually end up in the circular file.

But this press release caught my eye today, when it came in on the fax:

Staunton, IL is proud to host the 21st Annual Tour de Donut and 4th Annual Rib Cook-off on Saturday, July 11, 2009. The Tour de Donut is a unique bike race, in which you can eat donuts at the designated stops in order to reduce your race time. Last year, more than 850 riders participated in the race. Registration for the race is now open. In conjunction with the race, a Rib Cook-off will be occurring in which food will be served starting at 9am, with the ribs being served at 5pm. Entertainment will be provided by Five and Dimers, The Wherehouse Project, and Gumbohead. For more information visit, or

Sounds like the Bay to Breakers in SF has some competition for wacky.