February 26, 2009

Topix on Fora.TV!

by tolles at 1:11 PM

The IAA put on a breakfast on conversational marketing, which was well attended by folks from all parts of the advertisign ecosystem, brands, agencies and publishers.

I thought it was a pretty good example of people speaking for their constituencies on the panel. I got accused by Hashem Bajwa of sounding like "old media" for my insistence that publishers need to be a paid part of the ecosystem, and he was asked, somewhat pointedly, by an IDG exec about why agencies were asking publishers for creativity.

(The example case here was Burger King "sacrifice a friend for a whopper" campaign, which was brash and brilliant. My point was the owners of the traffic, be it google, facebook, myspace etc should charge, and I quote, "bank" to work with brands, and that these "viral" campaigns were often on proprietary networks).

I n any case, the folks at Fora.tv seemed to like what I had to say, given that the highlights were all centered aroud three of the different examples I posited -- opportunities from customer compliants, how news online is about participation instead of merely consumption and how oversharing actually has an economic value...

(cover photo here was selcted by them but I believe was taken by Robert Scoble)