January 7, 2008

Topix @ CES

by tolles at 2:06 PM

Having never been to CES before, I'm excited to have the chance of doing a talk there -- or, more specifically at Digital Hollywood at CES, where I'll be on a panel - Personalized Media Platforms – Widgets, User Generated Media, Personalized News, Blogs & PodCasts with folks from Userplane (AOL), First Round Capital, Turner Broadcasting, Fuel Industries and Magnify.net. Ian Ballon will be moderating.

Also, I've been blown away at the number of people who I know that will be attending. I'm hoping to connect up to people at the Podtech Bloghaus, or at the "It won't Stay in Vegas" Party -- which is at, of all places, the Atomic Testing Museum.

With all of the attention of the world's tech press focused on Vegas this week, It will be interesting to see if there's any attention to spare for a local, non-gadget play like Topix -- but I guess we'll see.