October 4, 2007

New Features! Top Picks, Polls, and Car Seats

by torres at 3:03 PM

Top Picks

Thousands of Topics x Hundreds of News Stories x Hundreds of Forum Discussions = A Lot of Content Every Day

But what's the best stuff on Topix? Until now, its been hard (even for us) to pinpoint the latest and greatest across the site. The new "Top Picks" feature is helping change that. Starting today, at the top of all our pages, you'll find three columns of hand-picked goodness. From breaking news to Britney Spears, we’re putting it all just a single click away.


Topix Polls


Star Wars or Star Trek?

How much is too much for a cup of coffee: $1? $2? $5?

These burning questions, and many, many more will be asked and answered in the new Topix Polls. You can find all the hottest polls here, and don't forget to look for the "Featured Poll" on your favorite topic pages.

Oh, did I forget to mention that you can create your own polls? Right now? About anything you want? You can.

Local Weather And Traffic

Weather & Traffic

Local News & Talk without Weather & Traffic is like a car without seats. Sure, it's possible -- but it's just not right. We added seats (okay, Weather & Traffic) to your Local page. Now you don’t have an excuse for getting caught in traffic without your umbrella... or car seats.