September 19, 2007

Shining Example of Foiled Teamwork

by tolles at 3:53 PM

One of the things I really liked about working at Sun Microsystems in the 90's were the April Fool's Day pranks (it looks like they're still at it, too). And, while you'd think that the guy who invented the computer virus would have added a prankster's touch to the culture, it took one of our newest engieering hires to create the first tactical strike here at Topix.

Our VP of engineering returned from a well deserved long weekend to find every surface in his office covered in tinfoil. I mean, every pencil, golf ball, thumb tack and ceiling panel. Things were left fully functional, but covered.

It's really something.

And, as he pointed out, it was in time and under budget. Made me proud to be at Topix.


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