August 20, 2007

Enemy of the State

by tolles at 12:00 PM

According to, Topix has achieved a new noteriety - being officially and secretly blacklisted by the governement of Zimbabwe, as part of an act, signed into law called the Interception of Communications Act.

From their source:

"Hostile websites have been BLACKLISTED and accussed of deliberately peddling false information about the government of Zimbabwe. The government says these websites have a long history of falsifying information on the issues unfolding in Zimbabwe and attack individual Zanu PF members on baseless accusations,"

For those folks who are speaking freely on the Topix forums, be careful -- looks like the government of Zimbabwe is looking in on the conversation -- but be it also known that we'll continue to keep the forums up and running, and will not provide the government of Zimbabwe with any info from our site.

Good luck out there.