February 28, 2007

What can you do with one million people?

by amy at 2:16 PM

You can march on Washington. You can populate Montana. You can celebrate the New Year.

Or, you could build the largest news community on the Web.

Today, Topix welcomed the one millionth participant to our forums. In the 15 months since we launched, these discussions have jumped to 30,000 comments a day, and more than 5 million posts.

Now we have a million people who’ve made their opinion known, and commented here on Topix. Not clicked on a link, or flagged something for review, or voted on something. Written something down. Contributed to the conversation.

Every day, thousands of people are commenting on everything from local politics to disasters (of the natural or celebrity kind), and they appreciate having a place to discuss the news with their neighbors near and far.

One forum poster recently thanked Topix “for providing an opportunity for folks to discuss things openly, especially things of a political nature. I, among several others, have been keeping one of the Ohio Indoor Smoking Ban threads going.”


So, we think you can do a lot with a million. And growing. Fast.

February 7, 2007

Climbing our way up the DMAs

by skrenta at 4:06 PM

Just a heads-up that I've posted a bit about the model for our community success over here:
Topix vs. the newsroom model: enabling mass many-to-many communication. I go into a bit of the backstory about the various models for powering hyperlocal community, and why I think Topix is going to win. :-)