November 6, 2006

$15 Million.

by tolles at 7:16 PM

We're pleased to announce that the investors in - Tribune, Gannett and McClatchy - have funded an additional $15M in our enterprise.

Details here and the news is covered pretty well on our own search, 'natch.

Of course, now the trick is to take this investment and do something interesting with it. Several folks have wondered what we could *possibly* do with $15M.

Vegas, baby!


And Miami. And New York. And LA.
And Columbia KY, and Columbia MO, and Danbury CT, and Gila Bend AZ, and every one of the Springfields in the US, and more importantly...

Whichever one of the 32,500 ZIP codes, or 20,000 cities across the world where you live.

We're probably already there.

And if we're not -- and we don't have the best place to discover and engage in a lively discussion about what's going on in your neck of the woods, or what you care about...We're working on it.