May 22, 2006

Topix Tags AP in Deal

by tolles at 7:11 PM

We're very jazzed to announce a deal that we've just signed with the AP. We'll using our technology to guide users to the most authoritative source of breaking news across the country by applying our clustering and localization technology to a feed of AP stories.

The official release with detials, and a nice quote from Tom Curley at the AP is now here:

What is especially exciting here is the knowledge that we're working with an industry that is trying to find its way on the web -- not fleeing from it. We've always wanted to work well with publishers, and connect more people to great content. We're proud that we're the first news aggregator with this kind of deal in place. Now it's working on the connecting all the pieces in our system to make all of this work, but getting the agreement in place is a great start.