May 26, 2005

Terms of the Deal Were Not Disclosed -- June 14th

by tolles at 4:03 PM

The folks over at IBD Network have put together a talk for all you people who keep speculating on the recent spate of investments and acquisitions that have been happening recently -- They've been putting on cool talks, and even have a new blog on Silicon Valley Business

Our own Mike Markson will be on the panel, and he'll be discussing everything around the investment from Tribune, Knight Ridder and Gannett (with a couple of things off the agenda like valuation, terms -- you know..the little stuff). Other folks, from different parts of the tech sector, round out the panel.

Here are the details:

STRATEGY SERIES | Terms of the Deal Were Not Disclosed!

We've all seen the latest headlines of the M&A activity in the technology industry, but when public companies buy privates, we don't get to know the 'financial dirt.' Meanwhile, there are plenty of non-financial questions surrounding deals that entrepreneurs would like to ask, but don't have the opportunity or the forum.

IBDNetwork has assembled a panel of three top executives from recently acquired companies to NOT discuss the 'Terms of the Deal' - but they can dish on the behind-the-scenes deal-making that occurred. Don't count on these executives to bend any SEC disclosure laws, but they will offer insight that will help executives become better prepared for M&A activity - the most probable exit for a startup company.

Topics to be discussed:

* How did the acquisition or investment happen - did they approach you or vice versa?
* What were the expectations behind it, and have they been met?
* How were you approaching investment prior to the deal?
* How is the integration going - is it what you expected?
* Are you having any internal issues due to the acquisition/investment? How are you handling them?
* At what point will you know if the acquisition/investment was a success? How will this be measured?

Executive Panel

- Ken Sims from Oblix, bought by Oracle. He was the VP of Business Development at Oblix
- Mike Markson, VP of Business Development at, bought by Knight Ridder/Gannet
- Jalil Shaikh, CEO from Zeevo, bought by Broadcom

$60 for general admission, $40 for IBD Network members

Where and When:
June 14, 2005 - 6:30PM - 8:30PM

Perkins Coie, Menlo Park, CA

101 Jefferson Drive
Menlo Park, CA 94025-1114

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