January 23, 2005

Interview with Peter Da Vanzo

by skrenta at 6:33 PM

Peter Da Vanzo of Search Engine Blog interviewed me about Topix.net, and our previous project DMOZ. Read the interview here.

January 15, 2005

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

by skrenta at 11:32 AM

I'll be speaking at "Emerging Technology, Business and Policy for Senior Executives" in February. Given the conference presenters and attendees who will be there I expect this to be a very dynamic and interesting conference.
What trends and market disruptions are emerging that will change today's economic models and alter the digital-media consumer experience? How can established companies look ahead and evaluate these developments...are they opportunities or threats? And how do new tools, services and copyright paradigms reposition the business and social landscape?

I'm also grateful for Bertrand Pecqueri's invitation to speak at the 12th annual World Editors Forum this May in Seoul. The topic is "RSS feeds and online news aggregators: threat or opportunity?" Check out Bertrand's excellent weblog for ongoing discussion of topics related to news media, rss, blogging and journalism.

Susan Mernit and Dan Gillmor are both involved in these conferences -- Dan's giving the keynote at the WEF -- so they should both be excellent events to attend.

January 5, 2005

Test Pattern Redux

by skrenta at 3:10 AM

Design Observer has a fascinating post on the origins of the BBC's test patterns. We've written about test patterns before... What's interesting about the BBC example is how the elements in the photograph were carefully considered to provide alignment and tuning utility for then-new color TV sets.

January 3, 2005

New startup & VC news channels

by skrenta at 4:37 AM

Since many readers of blog.topix watch the startup activity press I wanted to give a shout out about a few new news channels we've just made available.

Topix.net has added news channels to track any stories for 2,500 privately-held startups, scanned from the 10,000 sources we're crawling. The tracking channel was designed in association with Bob Karr's LinkSV.com, which maintains the database of private company profiles which we're using for the automated news scan. There is also a related channel which tracks press releases from any of the same 2,500 startups. We also have a general Venture Capital news channel.


We also have RSS feeds for the above and of course it's all free.