December 9, 2004

Dan Gillmor leaving the Merc to start a citizen journalism venture

by skrenta at 11:04 PM

Dan Gillmor, one of the most respected journalists in Silicon Valey, is leaving the San Jose Mercury News to start a citizen jouranlism venture. Dan's book We the Media has gotten quite a bit of buzz lately. Good luck to Dan and we'll be watching for more details about his new venture.

December 2, 2004

The New Age of the Amateur

by skrenta at 10:32 AM

Josh Petersen, formerly of MSN Newsbot and now one of the guys behind 43 Things / Twinkler, explains the genesis of their idea in a neat essay on the The New Age of the Amateur.

Josh's argument that an individual passion for work in a particular vein is a competitive advantage certainly reasonates with us. It's further confirmed by the Silicon Valley model of innovation, where small passionate teams work to drive a new product or technology to success.

December 1, 2004 named to EContent 100

by tolles at 3:11 PM

Econtent magazine has just released their fourth annual EContent 100, their "list of companies that matter most in the digital content industry" -- and we're proud that made the cut in the Search Engines and Technologies Category.

Thanks to Michelle Manafy, Editor of EContent for the honor of being part of such a prestigious list of companies and products Signs CooperKatz

by skrenta at 3:09 PM

We're pleased to announce that we'll be working with CooperKatz for PR and messaging for We've been hugely impressed with their grasp of the evolving online media space, in no small part due to Steve Rubel's excellent PR/media blog Micro Persuasion. Topix got an early boost during its launch from the blogosphere, and as a unique media entity we're happy to have savvy pros to help get the word out. Read more in this PRWeek story.

What's going on in RSS advertising, anyway?

by tolles at 1:43 PM

I'm excited to be hosting a segment of's Nextstuff Now on what's happening with RSS advertising with a couple of great guests -- Steve Olechowski the COO from Feedburner and Bill Flitter, CMO from Pheedo

Please join me at 2:00 PST on to oin the conversation about RSS advertising -- something that's definitely going to have an impact on the web community in the upcoming year