November 23, 2004 - Live and On the Air

by tolles at 5:41 PM

The folks at have asked me to host a segment on their new web radio network -- I'll be hosting NextStuff Now, a show about new stuff on the web, taking you behind the scenes with the people, products and services that are changing the way the web works.

A couple of folks have commented that they might be listening, so I figured that I'd try to do a credible job here -- so I've asked Chris Kelly, the Chief Privacy Officer at Spoke Software to join me to talk about their new privacy advisory board, as well as what's happening with regard to major privacy issues on the web.

I'm looking forward to this, and it should be a fun time --- Chris worked with several friends of mine at, and sharp eyed Silicon Valley watchers will note that I was at Spoke with Chris right as he came on there. He's one of the guys who set up the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard, and has a scary knowledge about everyone on the regulatory and legislative side...

Join me at tomorrow at 2:00 PST (5:00 EST) and check out NextStuff Now....

November 15, 2004

At WebMasterWorld this week

by skrenta at 3:20 AM

We'll be at the WebMasterWorld World of Search conference this week in Las Vegas. I'm on a panel on news search, and we'll have a booth on the exhibitor's floor. Please stop by and chat if you'll be at the show.

November 10, 2004 and Infospace announce partnership

by skrenta at 12:41 AM

We're announcing a parntership today to provide news search technology to a portal partner. Infospace has chosen to power news for their popular metasearch engine, as well as help their engine respond to current hot news search phrases in real time.

Full press release in the extended entry. partners. and InfoSpace Ink Deal to Enhance News Search at Helps Dogpile Determine Best News Content, Likely to Be Relevant to a User's Query today announced a deal with InfoSpace, Inc. to add's news headlines to InfoSpace's Dogpile metasearch service, and also to help Dogpile's new IntellFind technology determine when news content is likely to be relevant to users' Web search queries.

Through this agreement, alerts Dogpile to breaking news stories, helping Dogpile respond immediately to users searching for information on the latest news events. helps Dogpile provide content that is highly flexible and responsive to rapid shifts in current events. As a result, users can get quick access to the most up-to-date information available.

"One of the key user benefits of our new IntelliFind technology is its ability to augment our Web results with relevant vertical content sources such as news," said Melissa Turtel, senior product manager for Dogpile. "'s relevant local and breaking news helps Dogpile's IntelliFind technology assess when a user is searching for information on current events and return the latest results from a wide array of leading sources". aggregates news headlines from over 8,000 sources, including newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations. InfoSpace is the first partner to leverage's advanced search functionality, rolling it out first on its Dogpile metasearch service.

"We're excited about helping Dogpile to better understand the intent behind user's queries and getting breaking news to Dogpile's users via", said Mike Markson, Vice President of Business Development at "Our partnership also marks a rollout of a new set of services for us, which showcases's ability to provide customized services for our partners".

About is the Internet's largest news site, providing news about over 150,000 subjects, including news for every locality in the US, every major sports team, every public company, and subject based news pages on industries, health, entertainment and thousands of other categories. aggregates from over 7,000 news sources, and distributes its 150,000 RSS news feeds over the News Network, as well powering the site itself. was founded in 2002 by an experienced Silicon Valley technology and management team that built the Open Directory Project (acquired by Netscape) as well as executives from Sun, AOL, Netscape, and cofounders of Terraspring, Spoke Software and the Internet Commerce Group at Sun Microsystems. is headquartered in Palo Alto, California.

November 7, 2004


by skrenta at 10:11 AM

Back in 2000, just after joining Netscape with NewHoo, I put together a simple news aggregator called Linkston.

Linkston crawled various tech sites every 20 minutes, assembling headlines into a simple html list. Linkston was a source-based crawler; anything from Techdirt, Slashdot, CNet, or the NYTimes technology section would be included. It had a small circle of 10-12 sites it could reliably crawl and include.

Linkston was a primitive scraper, and couldn't keep up very well with changes in site html and registration policies. The scrapers broke constantly. Now that we have the topix supercrawler and topic categorization AI I'd been meaning to bring back linkston.. ...finally I figured it was time to exercise some new APIs we'd added and replaced my old broken perl scrapers with a few calls into the newsbus. Presto, linkston reborn with far better breadth and relevance than before.

ObTopixFeedSalesPitch: we can help you easily add dynamic content to your site as well. Bloggers understand the relation between update frequency and traffic. If you post once a week, you get a certain level of traffic. Views jump at a post every day, but if you can do more than one post/day (Jason Calacanis requires his weblogsinc bloggers to do 50 posts/month) the traffic takes off. With content updated every 10 minutes, parnters using our feeds report significant increases in page views. Dynamic content equals more repeat visitors.

November 4, 2004


by skrenta at 10:26 PM

Investors Business Daily wrote a nice piece today about the deal. Unfortunately I can't link to it on the web. :-(

Other commentary:

Charlene Li - and Citysearch Partnership Points To Future Of Local Search
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3gsearch - and CitySearch Announce Partnership

by skrenta at 8:18 AM

I'm very pleased to announce a fantastic deal between and CitySearch. will be providing local news headlines to CitySearch, for inclusion on their city guide sites in their top 40 markets. We'll also be integrating local ads from CitySearch's advertiser base into Read more from Gary at SearchEngineWatch and ClickZ.

Combined with our distribution through Ask Jeeves, My Yahoo,, Newsgator & other RSS clients, and sites using our javascript headline widget, this deal should drive even more traffic to the news providers whose stories are being localized by our AI. Note to local bloggers: if you've got quality hyperlocal content, we'd like to get you into our crawl. We can help your posts show up on major sites and drive you traffic.

November 1, 2004

Findory redesign, now merged with Blogory

by skrenta at 2:58 PM

Greg Linden announces a redesign of Findory and Blogory have merged, so you can get your personalized blog news alongside mainstream news stories. Greg has also updated the look & feel of his site.