October 1, 2004

Upcoming speaking events

by skrenta at 4:37 PM

Topix.net will be appearing at several events this fall:

Web 2.0 Conference, October 5-7
I'm co-hosting a session with Stewart Butterfield from Flickr on "Dialing on the App Tone: How the Early Web OS is Shaping Up."

Kelsey Group Interactive Local Media Conference, Nov 3-5
Mike Markson from Topix.net on a panel: "Where Do Verticals Fit In?"

Accelerating Change 2004, Nov 5-7
I'll be on a panel about natural language search, and will chat about "Text Analytics for News".

WebmasterWorld's World of Search, Nov 16-18
News Search panel.

If you'll be at any of these events, stop by and say hi.