October 27, 2004

Mary Meeker uses Topix.net? :-)

by skrenta at 2:58 PM

John Battelle pointed out the latest Digital World report from Mary Meeker, where she outlines the developments of RSS, Blogs, and online advertising. This is a good read for anyone interested in the web-publishing business, whether you are a self-publisher or mainstream web site.

It was especially interesting to us that one of the feeds that she subscribes to through My Yahoo (you can see this in the examples in the report) is the Topix.net Boston Red Sox feed. As a former NY'er, I am obviously troubled by anyone who lives/works in the Big Apple is subscribing to news about the Red Sox - especially after the debacle otherwise known as the 2004 ALCS. But with that said, I'm still happy that she chose a Topix.net feed to get her BoSox news. :-)