September 30, 2004

Cool site awards

by skrenta at 9:16 AM

In the pre-dawn of 1998 there was only Search Engine Watch. Danny Sullivan's pioneering daily newsletter had the best deep coverage of the search space, and there wasn't much else.

Post Google, we're now awash in coverage. The good stuff is still in out-of-the-way places though. Regular blog.topix readers know that I have a short list of key industry-watching sources that I regularly scan. (Plus this, of course. :-)

But some new entrants have recently punched through into the top-tier. Steve Rubel's Micro Persuasion just recently launched, but rapidly flashed to first-class status. A PR guy providing insightful analysis of the online industry? You bet. Maybe it's his unique perspective, but the guy digs up cool stuff, and provides sharp analysis and commentary.

Another blog that I've been obsessively checking is Greg Linden's Geeking with Greg. Greg's got technical depth, is working on news aggregation too, and has been posting up a storm lately.