July 17, 2004

Bay Area Bloggers at BlogOn

by tolles at 5:22 PM

Anyone in the Bay Area (techie, geek, marketing folks) interested in Social Media - blogging, social networking and the business around them - should check out BlogOn .

Topix.net will be there, as well as a bunch of folks I can personally vouch for as speakers - Reid Hoffman from LinkedIn, Chris Kelly from Spoke, Ross Mayfield from Socialtext -- all of whom are fun to watch...

2004 has seen quite a crop of new companies come into focus - Topix.net, Technorati, WeblogsInc -- and I might be biased, but there should be some good discussion from the founders and execs here...

I'll be on a panel with Mark Pincus from tribe.net and Craig Newmark about local blogging on Thursday morning, and lurking around for the rest of the sessions.

Susan Mernit (a fellow Netscape/AOL/TWX alum) and other folks on the program committee setting up BlogOn have done a great job putting up what should be an interesting show.