July 18, 2004

Topix.net upgrades feeds to RSS 2.0

by skrenta at 11:56 AM

A recent post by Jeremy Zawodny made me think about upgrading our RSS 1.0 feeds to 2.0. Apparently his 2.0 fetches are now in the majority. He also reports that the My Yahoo and Bloglines robots favor 2.0 when they have a choice. RSS 2.0 seems to be the winning format. Dave Winer was right, and it's time to get on the bandwagon -- if you're going to make a big format switch, it doesn't get any easier if you put it off. Henceforth Topix.net's 150,000 feeds will be served in RSS 2.0.

Hopefully most consumers of our feeds will not have a problem with the transition. But if you do, please contact us and we'll do our best to help in whatever way we can.

July 17, 2004

Bay Area Bloggers at BlogOn

by tolles at 5:22 PM

Anyone in the Bay Area (techie, geek, marketing folks) interested in Social Media - blogging, social networking and the business around them - should check out BlogOn .

Topix.net will be there, as well as a bunch of folks I can personally vouch for as speakers - Reid Hoffman from LinkedIn, Chris Kelly from Spoke, Ross Mayfield from Socialtext -- all of whom are fun to watch...

2004 has seen quite a crop of new companies come into focus - Topix.net, Technorati, WeblogsInc -- and I might be biased, but there should be some good discussion from the founders and execs here...

I'll be on a panel with Mark Pincus from tribe.net and Craig Newmark about local blogging on Thursday morning, and lurking around for the rest of the sessions.

Susan Mernit (a fellow Netscape/AOL/TWX alum) and other folks on the program committee setting up BlogOn have done a great job putting up what should be an interesting show.

July 16, 2004

Mernit on 2004 election coverage online

by skrenta at 6:38 PM

"We're just a week away from the DNC, and nothing in the online news space looks very fresh or very different." Susan Mernit posts a wishlist for online coverage she'd like to see for the election. The list covers citizen journalism and bringing the public's voice to the surface, local depth, community, and an election newsreader.