April 11, 2004

An 'On Topix' Sonnet...

by skrenta at 12:27 PM

From Judith Meskill:

Topix dot net classifies our news text
By content and by concept, large and small
Who, What, When, and Where within a context
That's pertinent to each one of us all.

Rich Skrenta does 'Intelligence' employ
To scale these heights in 'Artificial' form
Where keywords fail, his 'Topix' does enjoy
The serving of our stories while still warm.

The editors in 'Topix' are 'AI'
Consistent aggregators of our news
Appealing to the most discerning eye
It's guaranteed to never make us snooze.

A peerless aggregator 'Topix' is
That makes this 'human' news hound say 'Gee Whiz!'

        -- Judith Meskill