March 30, 2004

New Developments

by at 4:58 PM

It's been pretty busy down here these days, lots of interesting things happening. In addition to bumping the number of sources from 3,600 to 6,000 plus, we've added KeepMedia articles to our site. KeepMedia is a pretty useful service. They have 10 years of archived articles from over 170 premium publications - everything from Businessweek and Newsweek to the National Enquirer. Anyway, we ran their entire article archive through our categorizer and now display their articles on the relevant pages. What's cool is that seems like it is uniquely situated to provide the contextual access to this content on an article by article basis. Anyway, when you click on an article you get a few paragraphs to read and then you either have to sign up for a free 7 day trial or subscribe. Let us know what you think of this addition.

Also, our initial PR launch has gone pretty well. If you haven't seen the articles yet, check out our press page: